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Colour Me Beautiful

Welcome to my June blog. In the midst of these weird times I'm keeping myself as distracted as possible by delving into the beautiful world of colours. Choosing colours can be daunting especially if you have more than one room to decorate. Colours are a great way of expressing your personality throughout your home and this month I’m going to give you a snapshot of the psychology behind colours which might help you decide which colours you'd prefer to go in which room.

So let's get started! Warm red-based hues, are vibrant, fun & energetic and can really make a statement. Red is associated with increasing appetite and stimulating conversation making it an ideal colour for kitchens and dining rooms. In feng-shui, red always signifies richness, luck and luxury. If used too much though, it can bring bursts of anger and over stimulation. Use it with caution. Always easier to bring red into your decor with details and accessories, rather than with furnishings or wall colours. Here's a lovely splash of red in this kitchen which doesn't dominate the room but adds warmth.


The pinker shades of red represent compassion, nurturing & love and depending on the hue it can create a glamourous & playful ambience. To avoid a “too girly” look, mix pinks with simple classic colours like white, grey and silver and dress with warm luxurious fabrics.


If you're not too keen on red or pink but want some warmth try copper & terracotta tones. Another derivative of red, these hues represent joy, happiness, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation (yes, all of those things!). Gold is a variation of orange evoking a prestigious emotion and associated with wisdom and wealth. Terracotta is making a comeback this year but a word to the wise, use it cautiously. A whole wall covered in terracotta may look like a throwback to the 1980s! Introduce terracotta with cushions, artwork or flowers. Copper is still very much on trend and complements terracotta perfectly especially when teamed with grey as below.


Yellow evokes optimistic feelings. For a sophisticated look, use deep yellow mixed with grey-based hues. Used in small quantities, yellow is a great accent colour and is associated with warmth, wisdom, prosperity & sympathy. For an on-trend yellow, go for mustard this year.


Now to the cooler colours which represent calm, harmony & peace. Green is the colour of nature and considered the most restful colour. Green symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and considered to be an emotionally safe colour due to its calming properties. The various shades of green can evoke completely different feelings. Dark green is associated with ambition, greed and jealousy while aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection. This earthy neutral green wallpaper below by Farrow & Ball is a shade somewhere in between the two.


Blue is a trust-worthy, loyal colour associated with confidence & intelligence. It is also associated with serenity & peace. Blue slows down the metabolism and has a calming effect so it's considered to be beneficial to the mind and body when used in the home. A word of warning, blue can appear cold in a room with very little natural light. Dark blue is associated with power, integrity and formality. Deep sapphire blues work well as accent colours to create a formal setting for a living room. The lighter pastel hues will create tranquillity associated with healing, understanding and softness. In bathrooms it can be used for creating a spa like tranquil atmosphere especially in an aqua hue as seen here below.


Purple is the colour of royalty. Rich & sophisticated, it can give a design scheme real depth and is associated with luxury and creativity when paired with other jewel tones like emerald green. For a more contemporary look, go for lighter shades of lilac and lavender which offer a restful quality. This sort of colour scheme is also ideal for childrens' or teenagers' bedrooms.


Black hasn't always been a colour associated with interior decor as it has a morbid & formal association. Used in small amounts with complementary colours, it can add depth & a timeless elegance to a room. Avoid using black in large quantities as it can be oppressive. The use of black on skirting boards, cornices, feature walls and window frames as seen below give the scheme a sharp clean look.


White is a fresh peaceful colour and used widely in interior design. It instils feelings of youthfulness, faith and innocence. White can help smaller spaces appear larger and can also make a room look livelier. White can be used as an excellent base for any room allowing for splashes of colour to be added throughout such as curtains, blinds cushions, artwork, funky furniture, quirky rugs etc.


Thanks for tuning in guys & I hope you've found this useful.

Enjoy the summer!