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In the Pink

Hello Everyone, super excited that the days are getting longer as we are approaching spring.

Thank goodness there is light at the end of the tunnel in this weird chaotic time. This month we're talking about pink. Not a colour a lot of people associate with interior decor but choosing the right hue will give you a tasteful and bright ambience. Muted warm blushes like dusky rose are all the rage this spring and summer. The 2021 pinks provide more sophisticated and subtle tones than in previous years, so lets take a look at how to mix pinks to create beautiful combinations.

@ Lowes/Trevor Tondro

Metallics are here to stay with brass and gold remaining prominent, while soft silver also emerges to create a look that’s fresh and sleek. Mix with velvet textures and gold to create warmth.

Create the hotel/cocktail bar ambience with gorgeous warm velvet textures mixed with luxurious brass/gold accessories like the ceiling pendant and marble as seen below here.

@ The Palazzo collection by John Lewis

Pink curved furniture is a very hot trend right now and again, is warmed up with the gold accessories to create an opulent look.

@ Barker and Stonehouse

If you want a less opulent look mix pink with silver to create a simpler scheme.

@ Dominic Blackmore

The mood board below showcases the beautiful blends of dusky pinks mixed with greys, silver and gold.

@ Pinterest

It can be expensive choosing fashionable items for interior décor but it doesn’t have to break the bank so if you fancy a splash of fashionable chic, invest in parts of the décor that can be replaced easily such as wallpaper or accessories like cushions. Tropical prints are very big at the moment. This beautiful wallpaper below oozes fun & vibrancy. The subtle jade green blends beautifully with the pink to give a fresh and playful, cheery look.

@ Scion Crassula Wallpaper

Animal print-inspired design is still very popular and I love this quirky wallpaper below.

@ Woodchip & Magnolia (George the Stag)

Shiny metallics have been replaced by pewter and mix perfectly with soft pinks. Sumptuous textures compliment the colour scheme below and add a touch of glamour to the bedroom.

@ John Lewis

Why not add a splash of pink to your kitchen too! Add to a grey-based scheme with white & grey marble on the wall as below.

@ Pinterest

Marble can also be used on kitchen worktops or for flooring as seen below.


Thanks so much for reading my blog. Hope to see you again next month.