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Light Up your Life this February

I don't know about you but I'm glad that January is out of the way. As the days are now getting a bit longer and lighter what better time to be thinking about all things light!

Lighting can totally make or break a room and good lighting is essential. Whilst lighting can be aesthetically pleasing, never underestimate the importance of practical lighting, especially in kitchens, bathrooms (particularly bathroom mirrors) and areas where you need more specific light for reading, computer work etc.

I love these beautiful ceiling pendants below.

Stunning but simple kitchen pendant lights

Fancy something a bit different? Believe it or not, these little balls of fluff below are lights. This will give your room a much softer appearance and lights like this are very popular for girls' bedrooms which can be accompanied by pink or lilac colours.

This rectangular style of lighting below is very popular this year. It's super elegant and stylish and will look lovely in any room within your house.

@ Lumens

I'm a huge fan of copper and antique brass and love this ceiling pendant below. The colour is very warm and welcoming and the style gives it a softer look than a solid finish.

@ The Lighting Company

Quirky elements in design are fabulous but if you're nervous about it just try it with accent lighting such as table lamps or floor lights. These are usually best placed in corners of the room so you have soft light flowing throughout the space.

How about this side lamp for a bit of fun! As an animal fan I can't help myself when it comes to something like this. Just be aware though, this sort of light is a fashion item and so may not be so appealing a year or two.

@ Porto Romano

Coppers are still huge this year and will go with most colour schemes, so if you want a bit of glamour in your home have a go with these beautiful warm metallics.

@ London Design Agenda

If you like the image above but want something a bit more low key you can add gorgeous ceiling pendants like these ones below. These beautiful lights add so much warmth to the neutral scheme.

@ House & Home

We used to live in a Victorian house with high ceilings and had so much choice of lighting. We now live in a barn conversion which has very low ceilings. This really limits the choice of nice lighting and I'm not a fan of light shades on ceilings. We have a version of this light below in our bedroom and I totally love it. When the light is on it looks like a work of art.

@ Castlegate Lights

If you have a large living room you can go as mad as you like with the lighting and this design below has taken its inspiration from hotel design with its dramatic swirls. This creates so much presence and really gives a room the wow factor.

@ The Spoiled Queen

Fringed accessories are a big design trend for 2021 and where better than on your ceiling pendant. This beauty will add a touch of glamour to any dinner party!

@ Best Design Books

Thanks for reading my blog and tune in for more next month.