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Stylish Neutrals

Hello Everyone, hope you're all keeping safe & warm! Today we're talking about greys, creams, taupes and mushrooms.

Grey, neutral living room

@Dominic Blackmore

Lots of clients ask me about how best to use colour. It’s a bit of a myth that all interior designers favour using gaudy colours, flamboyant florals and homes packed to the rafters full of bespoke artefacts and trend-setting vintage pieces. Whilst many designers do favour that style, the truth is that there is no particular right or wrong with interior design.

Interior design is about representing your individual personality within your own home. Any design makeover should be based upon your own likes and dislikes, not that of the designer.

Neutrals provide a classic foundation for any design scheme and will stand the test of time because they are not a trendy fashion statement. I love adding flowers to brighten up a scheme and to add a bit of luxury. Here’s a good example below.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

@Suzie Parkinson from SÜZA DESIGN

Use accessories to add colour to a neutral scheme such as cushions, pictures, flowers or throws. These are inexpensive additions and can be changed regularly if you’re ready for a different look. This avoids a costly redecoration.

A friend of mine has a large cupboard full of gorgeous cushions. Most of them are ones she’s used before in various rooms throughout her house and some still have the shop tags on because she hasn’t even used them yet! She replaces them every so often when she fancies a change.

She recently had a house clearance to create some space, getting rid of all sorts of things including the cupboard full of cushions. She packed up the car and took it all to a local car boot sale and was delighted when she made enough money to pay for new Roman blinds for her recently renovated kitchen and had enough money left over to buy some new cushions to spruce up her living room!

Here’s a great example of a gorgeous neutral scheme with the tasteful addition of stylish but subtle colours.

Living room with two sofas and cushions

@Olly Gordon

So what are you waiting for, try using cushions, flowers, artwork or a throw for the bed to add some colour to compliment your neutral scheme.

Thanks for reading my blog. See you again next month for festive tricks and tips! Brigid

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